Academic program

The first section, Food quality: from farm to table, mostly addresses agro-food and socio-economic questions and topics, by developing four modules:

  • 1.1 The influence of production techniques on food quality
  • 1.2 Food regulation and information for consumers
  • 1.3 Market and food consumer perceptions
  • 1.4 Tools and strategies to educate consumers

The second section, Food quality and human health, follows the first, by addressing bio-medical issues and topics that are related and determined by the quality of food and dietary habits. There are four modules:

  • 2.1 Physiology of energy balance and pathophysiology of related diseases
  • 2.2 Gastrointestinal control of food intake and metabolism
  • 2.3 Nutrition related human disease
  • 2.4 Nutrition in different periods of life

The full program and the schedule will be published online soon. A general announcement is available below for download.