Summer School Padova-Sydney

Agripolis (Legnaro, Padova)

Dal 10.07.2017 al 16.07.2017

Sustainability of meat production (coordinators: Angela Trocino, Enrico Sturaro) 

The animal production industries in Italy and Europe has faced important sustainability concerns that have strongly compromised farm economy. In contrast at a global level, the forecast concerning the increase in population and income implies an increase in meat consumption and thus, production, with important consequences at different levels.

Time: July, 10-16, 2017

Innovative strategies should be adopted for diversification and integration of animal production with environmental sustainability, animal health and welfare, and social and economic equity with regard to the delivery of high-quality meat products, which are suitably valued by consumers.

Participants: maximum 20 participants among young researchers, PhD students, bachelor and master students.

The present teaching project aims to provide the students with basic knowledge about meat production systems and their sustainability by a multidisciplinary approach and a ‘system thinking’ view (e.g. animal performance, health, and welfare; meat quality) which includes the consumers’ perception and considers the potential of different production systems (e.g. European- Australian; intensive-extensive) in addition to their environmental impact.

Final examination: multiple choice test with score (6 ETCS for the students of the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, University of Padova).

The added value of the project relies in the collaboration with the University of Sydney and the presence of international teachers which will open the view on a global perspective.

Publication of results: and mail to selected candidates within June 20.

Specific supervised activities developed by the students will enrich the learning experience with generic competences about critical thinking, communication and team work.

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