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Geppert, C., Bertolli, A., Prosser, F., & Marini, L. (2023). Red-listed plants are contracting their elevational range faster than common plants in the European Alps. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(12), e2211531120.
IF (2021): 12.779

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IF (2021): 4.266

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IF (2021): 3.752

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IF (2021): 10.754

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IF (2021): 4.810

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IF (2021): 3.735

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IF (2021): 2.626
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IF (2020): 6.528

Geppert, C. (2022), Biotic and abiotic drivers of plant redistribution under global change. Doctoral dissertation, PhD thesis, University of Padova.

Geppert C., Alma A., Anfora G., Battaglia D., Burgio G., Floris I., Garonna A., Germinara S., Lucchi A., Lupi D., Maistrello L., Mazzon L., Mori N., Peri E., Rotundo G., Sacchetti P., Tamburini G., Zappalà L., Marini L. (2022) Climvit, biodiversità e servizi ecosistemici in vigneto. Informatore Agrario, 41, 4-6

I miei interessi scientifici volgono principalmente alle interazioni pianta-artropode-ambiente in ambito agrario, forestale e urbano, con un focus sull’ecologia e le interazioni biocenotiche.